Answers to questions you might have regarding our service:

The information on this page applies to Dial-A-Chef's daily meals. You will find our menu on the Main Menu page.

Freshly prepared meals are delivered Mondays to Fridays and exclude Saturdays and Sundays and public holidays.

General Information

  1. When an order is placed for the first time please provide us with your name and surname, your delivery address as well as your contact telephone number.
  2. All orders have to be paid in full before delivery takes place. (See details below) Meals will only be delivered if proof of payment is received prior to delivery. Delivery will cease if payment is not on time.
  3. No payment = No delivery.
  4. Delivery is included in the price.
  5. For monthly orders, delivery will continue until changed or canceled and you will be liable for the meals delivered if not arranged prior to end of the month. Please give 48 hours notice should you wish not to continue.
  6. Unfortunately a meal cannot be canceled on the day of delivery and therefore no refund can be made.
  7. Contents of the menu is subject to change without prior notice Invoice available on request

How much are the meals?

The prices quoted below are inclusive of delivery and is the price per portion per day.

Ordinary Menu:
  • The monthly option is for a calender month, 5 days per week, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays
  • The large portion is enough for a person with a good appetite
  • The medium portion is enough for the average person
  • The kidz portion is for children 12 years and younger and will only be delivered together with another meal
  • Meals may also be collected from our kitchen at Shop 4, De Tijger Centre, 27 Hannes Louw drive, De Tijger, Parow (Between 15h00 - 18h00)

Low Carb Menu:

How do I pay for the meals?

Payment can be either:

  • EFT: ABSA , TS Kruger, No 340 150 139 with Code 63 20 05.

    Please use your name and surname as our reference when doing EFT.

    Request your bank to send us an email that you have made a deposit

    Ensure that payments from others banks are done such that the payment is reflected on our bank statement not later than the day of the first delivery.  Delivery will not happen from the 2nd day onwards if this does not happen.


  • Cheque: In favour of TS Kruger - post dated cheques will not be accepted.  Please add R15,00 to the amount payable to your cheque to provide for bank charges.


  • Cash to the delivery person. No delivery if cash is not ready when delivered.
    Please no cash deposits at the bank. If you have to deposit cash please add R15,00 to the amount to cover bank costs

What time will I receive my meal?

  • Delivery of meals takes place in the afternoon from 14h00 onwards, but before 19h00
  • We deliver on a route and can therefore not guarantee the exact time of delivery

What happens to my food when I am not at home?

  • The food is dished up in fomo containers and sealed with cling wrap.
  • The food is left in a convenient and safe place as indicated by you. This can either be a post box, behind burglar bars or any other safe place.The container must however not be exposed to the sun.

Number of days

1 to 2 days (per portion per day)
3 to 5 days a week (per portion per day)
Full Calendar Month (Mon to Fri)
Number of Days
Price per Portion per Day
1 to 2 days per week
3 to 5 days per week
Calender Month (Mon to Fri)