Frozen Meals

For those of you who do not have a safe place to put the daily meals when delivered we have an alternative. Frozen meals are freshly prepared when an order is placed..  A few days preparation time is needed to ensure the best of quality. Due to demand we have limited stock available when you cannot wait a few days. When you go away for the weekend or go on holiday just call us a few days before to place your order for our frozen meals.

We prepare the meals in foil containers which may be placed directly into your microwave to warm up. However, we recommend that you defrost the food overnight in your fridge to be ready for warming up just before you enjoy it.  The sizes of these containers are approximate 350g, 700g and 1200g.  Instructions are also printed on all the labels.

A  list of meals is available for download below.

How do I go about ordering?

Choose your meals, make the necessary payment as per the list and ask your bank to mail us a copy of your payment and do not forget to mail us your order.

Frozen meals will be delivered specifically or picked up from us at our premises in De Tijger.  A convenient time will be arranged when a delivery has to take place.

Click on the link below to download and print our frozen meal menu.