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FAQ: Answers to questions you might have regarding our service

The information on this page applies to Dial-A-Chef's daily meals. You will find our menus on the Standard and Low Carb Menu pages

Freshly prepared meals are delivered on Mondays to Fridays. Saturdays , Sundays , and public holidays are excluded

General Information
  1. Before placing your first order please visit the Registration Page and enter the required information
  2. All orders have to be paid in full before delivery takes place (see details below). Meals will only be delivered if proof of payment is received prior to delivery. Delivery will cease if payment is not made on time
  3. No payment = No delivery
  4. Delivery is included in the price
  5. Meals may also be collected from our premises at Shop 4, De Tijger Centre, 27 Hannes Louw Drive, De Tijger, Parow, between 15h00 and 18h00
  6. For monthly orders, delivery will continue until changed or cancelled and you will be liable for the meals delivered if not arranged prior to end of the month. Please give 48 hours notice should you wish not to continue
  7. Unfortunately a meal cannot be cancelled on the day of delivery and in this case no refund can be made
  8. The contents of the menu are subject to change without prior notice
  9. Invoice available on request

How much do the meals cost?

See the relevant menu (Standard or Low Carb) for the detailed pricing structure

How do I pay for the meals?

Payment can be by one of the following methods:
What time will I receive my meal?
What happens to my food when I am not at home?